Ahurissant ! Gbagbo s’est trouvé des défenseurs dans le milieu politique Américain et pas des moindres

Mr James Inhofe est le sénateur républicain de l’Oklahoma (Etats Unis) qui est un ami proche de la famille Gbagbo. Depuis quelques semaines, il a entrepris une campagne de désinformation aux Etats Unis et se présente comme un défenseur acharné de Laurent Gbagbo. Il s’est donné pour mission (divine certainement) de présenter Laurent Gbagbo comme un bon Chrétien (au contraire de Ouattara qui est musulman) qui aime son pays et qui lutte contre le néocolonialisme. Il soutient aussi, documents en main que les élections présidentielles de Novembre 2010 souffrent de nombreuses irrégularités et qu’en définitive Laurent Gbagbo serait le VRAI vainqueur des élections présidentielles. Il soutient aussi que des rebelles à la solde de Ouattara sont en train d’effectuer une épuration ethnique en Côte d’ivoire, notamment à l’Ouest dans la région de Duékoué. Il s’est déjà exprimé devant le Congrès et le Sénat Américain afin que ces institutions fassent pression sur le président Obama pour que ce dernier revoit son engagement sur la situation politique en Côte d’Ivoire. Finalement, il souhaiterait que le gouvernement Américain fasse pression sur la Côte d’Ivoire afin qu’un exil doré soit accordé à Laurent et Simone Gbagbo. Voici les liens des discours qu’il à prononcé devant le Congrès et le Sénat Américain.
1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3pUE9_Syg0
2- http://www.newser.com/story/116310/james-inhofe-defends-laurent-gbagbo-with-happy-face.html

Pour ma part, voici ce que j’avais à lui dire dans une lettre que j’ai adressé à son sécrétariat.
Letter to Senator James Inhofe
Dear James,
In the present letter, I am purposely ignoring the protocol and calling you by your first name because the adventure you have embarked upon for the past three weeks do not honor the stature of the distinguished Senator of the United States of America that you once were, up until recently.
James, I was first amused then shocked by your appearance two weeks ago in front of the American Congress presenting a case for Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Ivory Coast. I say amused because of your speech which was poorly delivered, pathetic, but more importantly untrue. The “so-called” proofs of the massive fraud during the 2010 Ivory Coast presidential elections you had in your possessions were just a grotesque scam provided by Laurent Gbagbo’s political advisors. If you are really interested in finding out the truth about the results of these elections, I advise you to refer to the results provided by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). The reports indicate in great detail the results of these elections in every single voting office of the country. I will not delve into the details of the results because this issue has already been addressed by the United Nations and the African Union which have sent teams of experts to analyze the supposed fraud. The verdicts were the same; Ouattara is the TRUE WINNER of the 2010 Ivory Coast presidential elections.
James, do you really believe that there was fraud in 13 counties where Gbagbo’s military forces were present without anyone noticing it during the votes? Do you really think that more than 600,000 people out of 4.7 millions voters (more than 11%) cheated to elect Ouattara? Did you ask yourself why Gbagbo’s representative tore the final report of the IEC in front of the whole world? Did you know that one of Gbagbo’s slogans during the presidential campaign was “winning by any means necessary?” Did you know that during the 2000 presidential elections, Gbagbo’s campaign provided false reports of the election outcome before the official announcement by the IEC, which led the country into total chaos?
I was also shocked because when I asked about who you really were; your reputation, your personality, your morals, I must admit that I only received positive feedback. I asked myself, what could have possibly gone through your head? Why would an honorable and respected person of this country such as yourself, put his reputation on the line for someone he barely knew? Do you truly know who Laurent Gbagbo is? Have you evaluated the harm he has done to the men, women, and children of that beautiful country? Do you really know what the Ivory Coast looked like before Gbagbo took power in 2000?
Last Tuesday you were on the floor of the US senate advocating for Gbagbo and his wife Simone, urging the US to ask the Ivory Coast government to release Gbagbo and his wife and allow them exile. Seriously? Did you also ask the US government to allow Saddam Hussein to go into exile? Why didn’t you ask for the release of Charles Taylor (former Liberia president) or Augusto Pinochet (Chile former president)?
James, you also said that the Gbagbo you knew was a happy man, a fellow Christian, always smiling, hard working and always fighting for the well-being of the people of the Ivory Coast. Really? Are we talking about the same Laurent Gbagbo? The so-called Christian who has two wives and also associates in places where prostitutes and drug dealers operate (called Rue Princess in Abidjan)?
Did you know that during the ten years of his presidency, when Gbagbo was smiling, people were being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by Gbagbo’s death squads?
Did you know that your “dear friend” Gbagbo allowed his army to shoot women protesters who rallied to ask for food to feed their children? Did you also know that Simone Gbagbo once said that it was absolutely normal for police officers to beat and rape women protestors?
Did you know that during Gbagbo’s era, toxic waste was dumped in 2006 in the middle of Abidjan and that thousands of people’s lives were impaired while many died from the hazardous effects? As of today, not all victims have received compensation for the physical and mental damage they endured due to these toxic wastes. Not only this, but also nobody in Gbagbo’s government was ever held accountable for what happened.
Did you know that under Gbagbo’s regime, Ivory Coast farmers became more impoverished than ever in the history of our country, and that millions of dollars belonging to these hard working farmers were embezzled by Gbagbo’s collaborators?
Did you know that under Gbagbo, very important government contracts were given mainly to French companies, the same France he publicly criticizes today?
Have you asked Sillou Kieffer; Guy-André Kieffer’s widow, (widow of French journalist assassinated in Ivory Coast by Gbagbo’s death squad) the last time she smiled?
What about comedian Camara Yerefe’s children? Did their father deserve to die just because he supported Ouattara?
What about Habib Dodo’s parents? Did you know that Habib was hung by students’ that are members of the student union called FESCI- loyal to Gbagbo because he wanted to start a new student union that will not support Gbagbo? Don’t you think these parents will be relieved to know who assassinated their son?
James don’t you think all the victims of Gbagbo’s regime deserve justice?
James, from what I have heard, you are a good man, smart, and dedicated to this great nation. You have obviously been purposely misinformed or simply lied to. Everyone is entitled to making mistakes. It’s not too late to do your mea culpa and back up from this mess which can only be detrimental for your reputation and career.
It’s never too late to right your wrongs!
Gile Farese
Ahurissant, un sénateur Américain qui défend Gbagbo!

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